We are a global non-denominational ministry, called to guide you into building a thriving relationship and marriage, living a whole and victorious life in Christ and raising wholesome purposeful children.

Empowering you to host God’s presence in your life and marriage; and also raise godly children as battle-axes for God.

“The promise of the Father, the coming of the Holy Spirit, reintroduces us to the original purpose for humanity—a people suited to carry the fullness of God on earth.” ― Bill Johnson


We are Ark Bearers

Just like Noah, Moses and Obededom, our goal is to host God's presence in our generation ― thereby permitting the presence of God to bring liberation, victory and restoration. (Rev 3:20)

We are Worshippers

Our lives are sold out to worshipping the father in Spirit and in truth. We do not remain in mere religion, we commune in fellowship with the father. (John 4:23-24)

Called as the Repairers of the Breach

And we will rebuild the ancient ruins; we will rise up and restore the age-old foundations. We will be called Repairers of the Breach, Restorers of Streets with Dwellings. (Isaiah 58:12)

Our Core Values

Everything We Do Is Centered Around

Amazing Feedback From Our Members

This early morning prayers helps with praying about things that I never thought I could pray about.
Mrs Amaka
I joined early morning prayer you taught us about praying using God's name in different situations we find ourselves, I was in need and I kept calling on Jehovah Jireh and God made himself manifest when we were called home for my uncle's burial, my husband was so rich and after calling on Jehovah jareh , God honored us at that event. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the teachings. I pray for more wisdom.
Mrs Rita
Thank you so much for allowing God to use you for singles and married couples. Honestly, you don’t know how your ministry has blessed me and held my hands while I go through this season in my marriage. I’m wiser, stronger in faith, and have a deeper understanding of what I’m going through and the right tools to use with the help of the Holy Spirit. Your ministry in general- morning prayers, books, and social media platforms continues to be tools for me to win in my marriage. There is a calling upon my marriage and I won't permit the enemy to win. God is giving me wisdom and building my capacity in a way that can never be from this world which I’m applying and I’ve been seeing results. I’m available to talk to any man who I can encourage as well in navigating their marriage.
Mr Deji
This morning prayers has really help my personal relationship with God and it makes me to see Him more closer than before.
I joined LIFA when the ministry commenced in February 2022 & it has been a beautiful experience of growing deeper in my relationship with God. The prayers at LIFA are backed by scriptures. This is important because, when we pray with the Word of God, we know that we are praying for the will of God and He will respond. This has improved my prayer life as I am able to go back to those scriptures and meditate on them after the prayers or Bible study. LIFA morning prayers & Bible study have been a blessing to me. Sometimes, I would join a session with questions on my mind about certain issues. As the meeting is going on, Min Nike or one of the other ministers will share the Word of God and that would be the answer or direction I needed at that time!
Mrs J.lo
I thank God for Life In the Ark Ministry. When I joined LIFA, I was confused. I just didn't know what to do. I started joining the Early Morning Prayers. The early morning prayers are very powerful. One thing I noticed is that My relationship with my husband got better. My relationship with GOD got better. I became more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Then, I understood how to Pray with the Scriptures. I also understood the Art of Spiritual Warfare. LIFA guides me through each season of my life.
Mrs Tolulope Awotunde

Who Can Join Us?

Our mandate cuts across families in general;

For Singles

Singles are guided on how to discover their identities and experience supernatural marital activation.

For Married Couples

Couples learn how to build thriving kingdom marriages


Parents are taught on how to partner with God for exceptional parenting.

How To Connect With Us

Join Our Early Morning Prayers

Join as we pray every Monday to Fridays from 5:10am to 6:00am (WAT)

Join Our Family Hub For Spiritual Discipleship

Be a part of a growing community of believers who yearn for more in God and experience a family bond.

Serve with us

We are open to people who want to join us and serve with their skills or expertise in pushing the kingdom agenda for marriages.

Prayer and intercession

Do you have a prayer request? Fill this form below so that we can pray for you during our weekly intercessory prayers. It is anonymous

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Amazing Feedback From Our Early Morning Prayers

I also thank GOD for the idea of Morning Prayers. The Morning Prayers has made me to be more sensitive to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. The prayer points are exactly what I need for myself and my family.
Mrs Tolu
The moning prayer is a daily dose to nourish body and soul. It has encouraged me to find my identity and host God's presence. It's indeed life changing.
Mrs Olanike
The Life in the Ark morning prayers have come to be my accountability hack for hosting God's presence in my home. Now, I step into my day majestically, knowing that I and my family members are shielded under God's umbrella. I benefit immensely from the daily communal prayers of God-seekers. The diverse divine and timely instructions I receive daily are soul-lifting.
Mrs Omoby
As a man, the Life in the Ark prayer meetings have really helped me understand the dynamics and strategies of the enemy against my marriage. Now, I step up not against my wife but against the “real” enemy. God bless you.
Mr Ayo
This is my first time here and l learnt this morning that praying with understanding will make my prayers more effective, and the strength of the Word will find expression.
Mrs Bukola
Thank you for this morning prayers, it has helped me to understand and focus on God’s love better irrespective of my situations and pains.
Mrs Joyce